Windmill Waste & Recycling

In January 2005, Dublin City Council introducing recycling across the city. Simultaneously, they have changed the way in which residents pay for waste collection.

Residents will no longer be individually charged for waste collection by the Council. In future, waste collection will be paid by the Windmill Management Company and the fee added to the existing maintenance charge. The amount payable to the Council will vary, as it relates to the volume of waste produced.

Household Waste
There are silver bins near the main car gates on Lime Street and Wndmill Lane which can be used for standard domestic waste. Please place such waste in plastic bags to keep it secure.

Recycling (Papers & Cans)
Oxigen Environmental have provided a number of 'Green-bins' for recycling. These should be used for recycling Paper, Cardboard, Aluminium/Steel cans and Tetrapak cartons. The green bins are located outside each of the waste collection areas near the main car gates. Please, make an effort to recycle as much as possible - it will mean cheaper annual fees for each apartment.

Oxigen collect the bins once per month, and a private contractor collects the bins once a month also (on alternate fortnights). Following the success of the recycling scheme, we have been able to introduce additional green bins, and reduce the number of silver bins accordingly, leading to direct savings for all residents.

Disposing of large items
Occasionally, residents need to dispose of items such as sofas, TVs, ironing boards, etc. These items are NOT suitable for placing in silver bins. Such items must be disposed of directly, e.g. via one of the recyling or refuse sites provided by Dublin City Council.

DUMPING of such items in the bin area will be reported to the landlord / management company and removal fees will be added to the apartment owner's annual maintenance charge.

Recycling (Glass, Furniture, Electrical, etc.)
The nearest southside glass recycling facility is located off Fleet Street, at the entrance to Fleet Street carpark. For more details, including a map, see the Dublin Waste website.

There is also a bottle bank at the back of the Clarion Hotel on the north side of the river (close to the Marks & Spencer's food hall) - about a 5-10 minute walk via the new Sean O'Casey pedestrian bridge.

Dublin City Council operate a recycling center in Ringsend, Dublin 4, near the roundabout at the East Link toll bridge. This accepts furniture, electronics, rubble, etc. Recycling is free of charge for some items, while there is a small entrance fee for other items, based on the size of your vehicle.

Further Information
For further information in relation to waste management within the precinct, please contact our Janitor, Michael Doherty, or O'Dwyer Property Management on (01) 660 3822.

For more information on recycling in Dublin, please see

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